Entering competitions is an excellent way to gain independent third-party assessments of your beer. The Horse Thief Brewers Association believes that entering competitions is an essential part of being a great homebrewing club and wants to reward those who enter and take home some hardware!

If you want to know more about Andy’s own experiences in entering homebrew competitions and get some of his Tips and Tricks, check out his post about The Road to Success in Homebrew Competitions post!

As a nod to our brewers, the following list is everyone who has won awards at a Beer Judge Certification Program Homebrew Competition. If you want to know when the next competition is visit the BJCP Competition Schedule website! Selected local competitions are also posted here. Make sure that when you enter a competition you are entering the correct category, check out the BJCP Style Center to look at the latest guidelines used for judging homebrew!


Innovation Brew Works Contest

First Place

Roggenbier – Steve J.

Romancing the Beer

European Lagers

Palaeotis Pils – Andy – Bronze Medal

Amber and Dark European Lagers

Take Two Vienna Lager – Andy – Honorable Mention

National Homebrew Competition, First Round

Category 6 – Amber Malty European Lager

Märzen – Steve J. – Gold Medal


Southern California Regional Homebrew Competition

Category 6 – Amber Malty European Lager

Oktoberfest – Jason – Gold Medal

Category 10 – German Wheat Beers

Biergarten Hefeweizen – Cody – Gold Medal

Category 19 – American Amber and Brown Beer

Day Stater Brown Ale – Anthony – Silver Medal

Romancing the Beer

Category 15 – Irish Beer

The Celtic Elk Stout – Andy – Gold Medal

Category 23 – European Sour Beer

Claremonter Weisse – Andy – Gold Medal

Category 20 – American Porter and Stout

Koschi the Deathless Russian Imperial Stout – Cody – Silver Medal

Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition

Category 18 – Pale American Beer

Pukwudgie Pale Ale – Cody – Gold Medal


Socal Homebrew 1st Annual Homebrew Competition

Category 13 – Stout (2008 BJCP Style Guidelines)

Russian Imperial Stout – Jason – Silver Medal

Category 14 – India Pale Ale (2008 BJCP Style Guidelines)

Pacific IPA – Jason/Randall – Gold Medal

Category 20 – Fruit Beer (2008 BJCP Style Guidelines)

Orange Blonde Ale – Cody – Bronze Medal

National Homebrew Competition 1st Round

Category 10 – American Ale (2008 BJCP Style Guidelines)

Pale Ale – Jason – 2nd Place Ribbon

Pints and Knights Homebrew Competition

Category 10 – American Ale (2008 BJCP Style Guidelines)

Pale Ale – Jason – Honorable Mention